Human Computer Interaction Research

User interface for Causeway

Causeway: Scaling Situated Learning with Micro-Role Hierarchies

A platform for learning web development while building websites for nonprofits, used to study the value of micro-role hierarchies in learning new skills through social computing.Tech4Good Lab.

Girl playing with robot

Curious Minded Machines

Exploring how people make sense of robots and robot behaviors, including perceptions of robot curiosity, aliveness, and needing help. Human-Robot Interaction Lab.

screens with oceanographic information


Enabling teams of people and robots to more effectively conduct oceanographic research, using robots with increasingly autonomous capabilities. Human-Robot Interaction Lab.

fabric ball with usb cable attached

Fidget Ball

A suite of tools to allow tracing and interpreting fidgeting behavior in the wild through soft objects with embedded sensors. This project is in collaboration with the MIND institute at UC Davis and Professor Dan Shapiro. Social Emotional Technology Lab.

terms of service with highlighted portions

Terms of Service

Investigating ways to better present dense information using highlighting and configuration pop-ups from terms of service documents in order to encourage people to read and understand them. Steve Whittaker.

girl on right with head phones writing in journal with city sceneray seen from a window with a cat on it

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats

Investigating ways to alter it to encourage healthy behaviors, how to create dynamic beats that could help regulate your mood, and how people form a parasocial relationship with the character shown in the stream. Steve Whittaker.

converging spheres representing brain networks


Interactive visual analytics software for comparing patterns in brain networks across temporal fMRI data-sets. Creative Coding Lab.

converging lines into galaxy with measurements on the right and pictues of galaxies in the bottom


Interactive visual analytics software to investigate galaxies and the gas that surrounds them to better understand the structure and dynamics of the Universe. Creative Coding Lab.

picture of statue on left and large-scale imaging with drone on right

Capturing Large-Scale Artifacts via Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Supporting cultural heritage through the use of low-cost drones to image larger artifacts for archival and presentation purposes. Creative Coding Lab.