Games and Playable Media Research

Open Player Modeling

This project looks at integrating reflection mechanics into games for learning. Magy Seif El-Nasr.

May's Journey

May's Journey is a narrative platformer game designed to teach novice programmers how to program in a fun and playful way. Magy Seif El-Nasr.

three creatures

Smart Toys for Self Regulation

This collaboration with non-profit Committee for Children led to the creation of soft robotic smart toys that help scaffold childrens' self-regulation skills through pretend play and haptic connection. Social Emotional Technology Lab.

star character on left with map as background


SpokeIt is a speech therapy game for children with orofacial cleft. SpokeIt is co-created with children with cleft, adults with developmental disabilities, speech language pathologists, plastic surgeons, designers, and developmental psychologists. Social Emotional Technology Lab.

heart shaped food and some herbs

Playing with Food

Using food practices as a widely relatable area of human life, we explore the design space of technology that supports the emergence of play outside leisure, interwoven with our everyday practices and activities, enriching them with a focus on supporting social and emotional engagement. Social Emotional Technology Lab.

hand on the back of a person wearing a vest with rainbow LED's

True Colors

True Colors is a wearable that was co-designed with a team of Larp designers for New Gyr Larp, as part of the Social Wearables project that aims to explore the potential of wearable technology to augment co-located social interaction. Social Emotional Technology Lab.

Circular graph showing a range of emotional language in relation to music

Affective Music Composition with Deep Learning

The Affective Music Composition with Deep Learning project controls deep learning models to automatically generate music with a given sentimentor emotion. This has been funded by the Brazilian CNPq.

Kanji with different options for interpretations of the kanji

Radical Tunes

Radical Tunes, a kanji drawing music game, was created to explore the impacts of incorporating music on players' ability to retain meaning and stoke order of Japanese kanji. ALT Games Lab.

Robot on tiered platforms

Bots & (Main)Frames

Bots & (Main)Frames is a web-based puzzle game designed to teach the core components of computational thinking. Players must guide their character through various obstacles, and in doing so learn to identify patterns, break down problems, develop a tool set, and even program. ALT Games Lab.

person with game UI anchored to their facial features

Carb Crush

Carb Crush is a webcam game designed as an informal learning tool that fosters understanding of Type-1 Diabetes and its impact on everyday diet. ALT Games Lab.

person playing space game in virtual reality

Project Star Catcher

Exploring the design and preliminary evaluation of an immersive virtual reality game for those with weakness on one side of their upper bodies. ASSIST Lab.

witch and wolf in forest facing eachother

The Witch

The Witch is a narrative game where players take the role of a young girl labeled as a witch. By manipulating the language said by other characters in her storybook, the witch shapes how she is viewed and, in turn, how her tale is told. Elizabeth Swensen.

code showing how story assembler works


A planning-based generative narrative system designed around the idea of intent-driven generation that supports generation of choice-based, in addition to linear, stories. Expressive Intelligence Studio.

On a Warming World

On a Warming World explores the complex positive and negative feedback loops that are reacting and contributing to global climate crisis. Using a back-end climate model. Elizabeth Swensen.